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Broadacre Permaculture and Keyline Design

Bald eagle chicks in nest

In the United States, local governments, county extension services, agricultural co-ops, and other public entities had better get off their duffs and start looking at the economy and ecology together. The reason we have “government” in the first place is to get things done on a larger scale that none of us can individually get done on our own. The stewardship of the land and the commonality of the watersheds go far beyond geopolitics and commercial interests. We Mid-Americans have the opportunity to redefine commonwealth and watershed to a much higher ideal based in cooperation and partnership with nature itself.

Linux Kernel

Understanding Linux

How the Linux Kernel evolved, how it works, where is it going? This open collaboration is ambitious enough to believe that Linux can go deeper into the realm of usefulness and accessibility than any closed collaborative effort ever could. Understanding the code itself is where we, the human community must go to make the machine work for us – not the other way around.

Minimal Linux Test Forum

A look at Tiny Core Linux and other minimalist Linux distributions

Most everyone familiar with Linux knows that it comes in many ‘flavors’ and sizes from giant Beowolf clusters to minimized hand-held devices. Tiny Core Linux is perhaps the leanest of the lean in minimalist Linux distributions. This is an open collaboration knol for tracking development, experiences and opinions about Tiny Core, Micro Core, Damn Small and other minimalist Linux distributions.

New to Linux?

Open collaboration is a way of life

Sure you’ve heard of Linux but your still stuck using some *other* operating system. This collection of knols is from people who have made the plunge, some recently – some long ago.

Keyline design principles

Twenty-first century land use

The power and essential design of keyline is in the topography itself as inherent in the very nature of ridges, valleys and streams. The discovery of and sensitivity to what Nature has already built should be the first design consideration whether laying out a small farm or building a city. Let’s look at what topography and the Earth’s contours can do for permaculture, sustainability, flood control and other aspects of planetary life.


Wikiversity Knol

CQ’s mutually inclusive interface between Wikiversity and Knol.

Review of Linux Kernel

I like where Martin Bligh is going with this work-in-progress treatment of the Linux Kernel. (The Linux Kernel itself is a work in progress, no?) Other Linux articles explain the techno-cultural side of Torvalds and the early MINIX community, but I think our readers need to see what the GCC is compiling for example. What […]

Review of Linux Kernel

Shri Mundada has provided a well-rounded introduction to the Linux Kernel and its history of development. I would like to see more in-depth knols that get into the nitty-gritty of how the Linux Kernel works. But this knol is a good starting point. I think a collaboration would be good.


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